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12 Nov 2016

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Top 10 travel photography tips


1. Get up Early

The best light to capture most kinds of subjects is in the golden hours- one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset (depend off course on where you are on the globe). So get up early to get that amazing photo opportunities, while all the other tourists are still asleep.

2. Do your research

Don’t leave it to chance and learn as much as you can about the place you are about to travel. The more you know, the more “intelligent” your images will be.

3. Choose the Right Lodging

Staying on the center of town, or having a room with wonderful views can create a lot of great photo opportunities.

4. Say Hello

Learn how to say “Hello” in the local Language, and greet the locals when taking their photo.

5. Get Inspired

Watch the portfolio of other photographers in order to get new ideas and get inspiration. If you perceive yourself as an artist, you must acknowledge the work of other artists. Do not underestimate inspiration: visit art galleries, attend some photography lectures, listen to classical music, read good books.

6. Find a Fixer

Talk to locals and seek their advice on great photo opportunities in their own country.

7. Travel Light

Don’t take your entire house with you. Eg. Travel with only two lenses: One zoom and one prime lens. This is extremely important tip if you plan to do some hiking or trekking.

8. Get off the Beaten Path

Yes I know that in Cuba they smoke cigars and that in Thailand they have monks. Tell your viewers something fresh and new. Share your own point of view of the place. You will be able to do so, only after following tip number 2 and 5.

9. Travel Slow

If time allows you, always choice to travel by train or bus over flying. As it will allow you to have better Interactions with the locals.

10. “Exotic” can be found Anywhere

No matter where you live in the world: New York, the Middle East or a small village in India. Try to see the beauty of the place you live in. if you will find the beauty of that place and bring within your images, people will follow.


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